Learning Path + Professional Development

Crochet education that builds your knowledge and skills as you work toward our Crochet Instructor and Pattern Writer workshops!

The American Crochet Association offers the most comprehensive learning path for crocheters looking to earn professional credentials. When you join today, your journey begins:

  • Week 1) Yarn Course
  • Week 2) Swatch Course
  • Week 3) Pattern Reading Course

Level 1 Complete: invitation to Crochet Instructor Training ($99 one-time course fee + $29/annual community access)

  • Week 4) Sizing Course
  • Week 5) Seams & Joins Course
  • Week 6) Finishing Course

Level 2 Complete: Invitation to Pattern Writing Training ($99 one-time course fee + $29/annual community access)

Your Instructor

Salena Baca
Salena Baca

I learned to crochet before grade school and have had a passion for the art ever since. Back in 2009, I began publishing patterns that fit my style and my work has been featured in various craft and crochet communities since. Crochet has always been a passion of mine, and I’m proud to call it my career with platforms like Design Wars Challenge (Founder), Happily Hooked Magazine (Content), The Pattern Pack (Editor).

In 2015, I created the American Crochet Association, where we are dedicated to helping crocheters to help themselves. Tidbits? I’m always up for a bit of traveling, I’m very fond of black licorice, I’m quite good at Scrabble, and I can do 10 push-ups!

Courses Included with Purchase

Yarn Course
Weights, types, colors, label reading, substitution and care!
Salena Baca
Swatch Course
From gauge and size, to function and feel, swatches are tools!
Salena Baca
Pattern Reading Course
From beginner to expert, you’ll be reading instructions and charts!
Salena Baca
Sizing Course
From afghans to socks, knowing how to size your next project is crucial!
Salena Baca
Seams & Joins Course
Knowing a variety of methods can really expand the projects you’ll try!
Salena Baca
Finishes Course
Find techniques that will secure any project, and make them look seamless!
Salena Baca

Original Price: $144

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this billed yearly?
Subscription memberships allow the ACA to sustainably offer crochet education in a pure form; without gimmicks, fluff, or hidden agendas. We're not just offering a product, we're providing a service with actionable steps; helping crocheters to help themselves. The ACA is available every weekday with service, support, community & guidance. We are dedicated to providing a learning foundation & continuing education, with information that is accurate, current & easily accessible.
How does this work, when can I start?
After enrolling, you'll immediately receive 1 course per week over 6 weeks. You can retain access to your course material as long as you're a member, across any and all devices you own!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you don't love your course, or the ACA is just not for you, you can cancel your subscription (which cancels your access to the course) from your account area; no hassle! Questions, support, or feedback? Send us an email anytime: [email protected]
What if I don't want professional courses...
No problem, you are not required to take any of them! While this bundle offers a clear path to join our professional development courses, you can easily skip those invitations as you receive them (or, join in later if you change your mind)!

Build your crochet knowledge & skill while working toward your professional developments. Become part of the movement; assuring crochet is left in better hands than we found it.

Get started now!