Lesson 1: Crochet Instructor Training

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Learn to TEACH crochet!

You may already know how to crochet like a pro, but there is a gap between knowing how to do something and being able to clearly articulate and teach your knowledge in an effective way.

In this course we'll give you all of lesson 1:

  • Private Crochet Instruction
    • Lessons vs Workshops
    • Lesson Foundations
    • Becoming a Coach
    • Skill Assessments
    • Student Tool Kit
    • Teaching Environments
    • Payment structures, left-handed students, slow learners, children, first projects

Your Instructor

Salena Baca
Salena Baca

I learned to crochet before grade school and have had a passion for the art ever since. Back in 2009, I began publishing patterns that fit my style and my work has been featured in various craft and crochet communities since. Crochet has always been a passion of mine, and I’m proud to call it my career with platforms like Design Wars Challenge (Founder), Happily Hooked Magazine (Content), The Pattern Pack (Editor).

In 2015, I created the American Crochet Association, where we are dedicated to helping crocheters to help themselves. Tidbits? I’m always up for a bit of traveling, I’m very fond of black licorice, I’m quite good at Scrabble, and I can do 10 push-ups!

Course Curriculum

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  Lesson 1: Private Crochet Instruction 101
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  What's Next?
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After this free preview, you can join the Learning Path to become eligible for this entire training course, including:

  • Client Journey
    • Marketing Efforts
    • Promotions; keeping students coming back, finding new students
    • Building a Community
    • Ravelry
    • Continuing Education & Support
  • Templates & Forms
    • Guidelines & Responsibilities
    • Lesson Overview & Courses Syllabus
    • Individual Lesson Plan & Agreement
    • New Student Checklist
  • Teaching objectives, lesson outlines, homework, patterns, action steps and more for the Beginner, Easy & Intermediate levels of crochet!

Only ACA members who are part of our Learning Path are eligible, and automatically receive a private invitation to join as soon as they successfully complete the following courses:

  1. Yarn Mastery
  2. Swatch Mastery
  3. Pattern Reading Mastery

Ready to become a certified crochet instructor with the American Crochet Association?

Join the Learning Path today to build your knowledge and skills, and you'll receive an invitation to join when you've successfully completed Yarn, Swatch and Pattern Reading Mastery. Don't worry; we'll share all this again after your free preview - enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work, when can I start?
After enrolling, you'll immediately receive a preview of lesson 1 in our Crochet Instructor Training Program to learn more about this exciting workshop!
Why can't I just purchase the whole Crochet Instructor Training workshop?
Only ACA members are eligible, and automatically receive a private invitation to join as soon as they successfully complete the following courses: Yarn Mastery, Swatch Mastery, Pattern Reading Mastery. To assure the integrity of our program, we insist on vetting the knowledge and skill of our members before taking professional development opportunities. Questions, support, or feedback? Send us an email anytime: [email protected]

"I thought the instructor course was very thorough and helpful. It teaches the very basics (things someone who is just beginning to teach might not even think about) as well as how to do everything basically step by step. I believe if you follow the instructions in the course, then you just can't fail as a teacher. If your student is willing to put forth effort and learn, they will definitely be successful with this courses. I think it is a course well worth taking!"

- Connie E., ACA Member, Certified Crochet Instructor

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