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Good habits build knowledge and skill; that's why we created the 12 Course Learning Path!
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Courses Included with Purchase

Yarn Mastery
Weights, types, colors, label reading, substitution and care!
Salena Baca
Swatch Mastery
From gauge and size, to function and feel, swatches are tools!
Salena Baca
Pattern Reading Mastery
From beginner to expert, you’ll be reading instructions and charts!
Salena Baca
Tool Mastery
Discover the best tools to add to crochet arsenal, and how to use them!
Salena Baca
Pattern Sourcing Mastery
From online to in-hand, discover the best places to find crochet patterns!
Salena Baca
Sizing Mastery
From afghans to socks, knowing how to size your next project is crucial!
Salena Baca
Seams & Joins Mastery
Knowing a variety of methods can really expand the projects you’ll try!
Salena Baca
Finishing Mastery
Find techniques that will secure any project, and make them look seamless!
Salena Baca
Stitch Mastery: Textures
Clusters, puff, bobble, popcorn, posts and more!
Salena Baca
Stitch Mastery: Complex Textures
Shells and chevrons are a plenty, learn the basics & beyond!
Salena Baca
Stitch Mastery: Specialty
Learn how tools can create broomstick, hairpin and tunisian designs!
Salena Baca
Color Work Mastery
Learn the difference between Tapestry, Fair Isle, Intarsia and more!
Salena Baca

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Benefits of joining the Learning Path

  • Weekly education; 48 lessons total!
  • A structured path that builds crochet knowledge, and skill!
  • Access to our professional development opportunities:
    • After 24 lessons complete (6 courses) - Crochet Instructor Training!
    • After 48 lessons complete (12 courses) - Crochet Pattern Writing + Crochet Technical Editing!

Your Instructor

Salena Baca
Salena Baca

I learned to crochet before grade school, and have had a passion for the art ever since. I've worked professionally in the crochet community since 2009 and have contributed in various ways; publishing over 250 patterns & 4 books, launching Design Wars Challenge in 2012, The Pattern Pack & Happily Hooked Magazines in 2014, and the American Crochet Association in 2015.