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"I love ACA. Your teaching methods are awesome and I’m learning more than I ever thought I would."

- Jessica F., ACA Crochet Instructor Training Student

Learn to TEACH crochet!

Just knowing how to crochet will not make you a great teacher. In fact, even the greatest crocheters can have trouble teaching.

That's why I created a different approach to crochet instruction that includes teaching objectives, lesson outlines, homework, patterns, action steps, and more!

And no, it doesn't include large groups or granny squares.

When you learn my approach to crochet education, you'll build a community of crocheters who will know, like, and trust you! Let's pass crochet through the generations in better hands than we found it, together.

In this course we'll cover:

  • Private Crochet Instruction
    • Lessons vs Workshops
    • Lesson Foundations
    • Becoming a Coach
    • Skill Assessments
    • Student Tool Kit
    • Teaching Environments
    • Payment structures, left-handed students, slow learners, children, first projects
  • Client Journey
    • Marketing Efforts
    • Promotions; keeping students coming back, finding new students
    • Building a Community
    • Ravelry
    • Continuing Education & Support
  • Templates & Forms
    • Guidelines & Responsibilities
    • Lesson Overview & Courses Syllabus
    • Individual Lesson Plan & Agreement
    • New Student Checklist
  • Teaching objectives, lesson outlines, homework, patterns, action steps and more for the Beginner, Easy & Intermediate levels of crochet!

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Meet Your Instructor

Salena Baca
Salena Baca

I learned to crochet at the age of 5 and haven't put my hook down since! I've published over 300 patterns, authored 7 crochet books (so far...), taught 2 courses with Craftsy, and launched the American Crochet Association. I currently live in Oregon with my husband, son, 2 cats and 1 dog.

  • 2009-present: Salena Baca Crochet
  • 2012-2016: Design Wars, Founder
  • 2014-2017: Happily Hooked Magazine; Content Coordinator, Director of Relations
  • 2014-2016: The Pattern Pack; Founder & Editor
  • 2015: Author
  • 2015-present: American Crochet Association; Founder & Lead Educator
  • 2016, 2018: Craftsy Instructor
  • 2018-2020: Yarnpreneur Academy; CEO / Lead Yarn Lover

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work, when can I start?
After enrolling, you'll immediately receive your first of 9 lessons. You'll receive action steps after each lesson, so you'll know exactly how to apply your crochet instructor training course with success.
I already teach, why should I take this course?
Education is valuable, as an instructor and student. This training course begins with a foundation for crochet essentials (like yarn, fabric, and pattern reading), and offers a complete business model ready for teaching (from lesson plans, patterns, learning objectives, templates and more). This course offers a teaching path that's right for you, and you student (whether you're teaching your children, friends or general students as your career). This course will give you everything you need to feel confident, and successfully teach any student to crochet!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Contact us directly anytime: [email protected]