February 2020 | Giveaway + Crochet Trivia

GIVEAWAY: Assess & Build Crochet Skill Workshop!

What is your crochet skill level?

We’ll give you a hint; it’s not based on the number of projects you’ve completed, or how long you’ve been crocheting.

This workshop will help you to clearly define the four skill levels in crochet, and identify where your skills are and how to build them!


How can you enter to win: Simply comment on this blog post!

Every comment you post will give you a chance to win . In fact, comment as much as you like until the end of the month (a winner will be chosen from the comment on 5 March, 2020).

Who is sponsoring this giveaway: American Crochet Association

Build your crochet knowledge and skills with the 12 Course Learning Path, and exclusive professional development opportunities (like Crochet Instructor Training, Pattern Writing Training, and Technical Editing Training)

Learn more about the American Crochet Association today!

Crochet Trivia Thursday:

  • 6 February: Live Trivia Event
  • 13 February: Live Trivia Event
  • 20 February: Live Trivia Event
  • 27 February: Live Trivia Event

Crochet Trivia will be hosted on Thursdays on the American Crochet Association Facebook page! We’ll host a new giveaway each month, with new Crochet Trivia events for your opportunity to win!

All questions in our Crochet Trivia Thursday events come directly from the 12 Course Learning Path at the ACA! Want to build your knowledge and skills? Join today…

We’ve been helping crocheters to help themselves since 2015! Build your crochet knowledge & skills with 1 new lessons every week when you join!

If you’re wondering how the ACA can help make your crochet life better, we’d like to show you today…

I’m ready, let’s go!